Secure Payment

Secure Payment

We take seriously the Secure Payment of our customers. We do our online shopping after all, so we are well aware of how crucial it is to believe in the security credentials of the businesses we deal with.

This is why no one at Caine ever sees your credit card information if you order something online through our website. We don’t keep them and we never have access to them.

Instead, we handle your order’s payment information using a business called Sage Pay. They are based in the UK and are employed by about 25,000 additional internet companies, such as Easyjet and Visit their website using the link provided below to learn more.

You will be redirected to Sage Pay’s secure online servers once you click the “continue to payment” button on our checkout. Your entire data is protected with 128-bit SSL certificates. You may be certain that nothing you send to Sage Pay’s servers can be viewed, used, or modified by any third parties attempting to access sensitive information because no cardholder information is ever sent without encryption.

The same internationally recognized 256-bit encryption standards are utilized to protect any sensitive data, including those used by the US Government and others. The encryption keys are stored on cutting-edge, tamper-proof systems that are part of the same family as the ones VeriSign uses to protect the Global Root certificate, making it nearly impossible to extract them. Sage Pay constantly undergoes audits by banks and banking regulators to verify that the data they have is still very safe.

We also offer the option to pay using Paypal as an alternative to submitting your credit card details.

Your safety

Contrary to most other retailers, we consider ourselves privileged to send you an email every time in case to give you news or a special offer, We believe it’s an irritating act so we won’t inflict ourselves on you.

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